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Solar Panel Installation In Ponoka, Alberta

Cut Your Electricity Bill In Half With Solar Power from Extreme Electric Inc.

Solar energy is free, renewable and abundantly available. The only thing necessary to harness this energy from the sun is solar panels. Easily convertible to electricity, solar energy now has become the top choice of power supply for homes and businesses. At Extreme Electric we provide end to end solar panel installation and energy options to homes and businesses in Alberta at the best possible price.

Whether you are looking for a commercial system or a private one for your residence, we have solar panels for sale and a team of talented and well-trained technicians to install them. As we always say, no job is too small or too big for us, we treat every project with the same importance.

Why Go With Solar Energy?

Banking on solar energy not just allows us to do our bit for the environment, but also helps save a fortune on energy bills. Additionally, both the states and local utilities offer their own rebate systems and in return also reduce the overall installation cost.

Solar Panel Installation Services

Whether you require residential electrician services for the solar panel installation on your home, or commercial electrician services for your solar powered business. Extreme Electric Inc. offers the following solar services to their customers:

Supply & installation from ground mounts to roof mounts to cover all your solar needs

Supply & installation of solar equipment, we cover all the permits, utility applications and government grant applications, where applicable

We also cover maintenance & repair of existing photovoltaic systems

Extreme Electric Inc. Is The Name You Can Trust

Extreme Electric Inc. in Ponoka, Alberta has a wide portfolio for solar energy that helps us justify our powerful solutions. Focused on assisting home and business owners to cut down electricity bills, we deliver all our projects under expert supervision and a positive attitude.

As leaders in the solar panel services we are committed to safety, professionalism and integrity. Our protocol includes an end to end process and is kick started with a thorough inspection.

What Makes Our Solar Panel Installation Services Different?

Attention to detail, punctuality and integrity are three elements that make us better than the rest. Our master electrician services allow us to be adaptable no matter the job. Looking to cut your electricity bill in half for your home or business? Contact us today about our solar panel installation services.